New Space.

Technically, this is an old space. I’ve used it before and it has been sitting here, waiting for me, for quite a while.

I’m beginning to feel the need to have somewhere to write that is a little more for me, not ranked or a shop window as such, somewhere I might indulge the other part of me, the part that isn’t a mother and a blogger so much.

It might become that. It might turn into a fiction space or a space for writing about reading, or a space for musing. Or it might just become a series of pictures again.

Not sure.

First off, it has become a place where I’ve wrested a Genesis theme from looking like one thing to looking like something else, pretty much under my own steam. So perhaps it will be a place for learning new skills, or writing about new skills, or recording them for when I have time to learn them later.

It’s unlikely to be about parenting, or grief, or family.

I’m not who I once was. I don’t have the aspirations I once had. If I spend the next ten years trying to be the old me while I wonder who the new me is, there might not be long enough left to live being me.

Perhaps this is it.