The Ouch.

I spend a lot of my life managing someone who is strong on the outside and as soft as water underneath. I often describe her as an uncooked egg; she seems hard and perfect and impenetrable but drop her and she shatters. For my brashest child she has the least reserves for dealing with enmity […]

This is a hard project to stop. It's been very therapeutic. Part of me wants to square it (but how?) and another part just wants to keep going. I adore it. #ZenMandalaProject #crochet #crochetmandala #FrithaMandala

The Gallery – Colour

I’m entirely artistically inept, with no ability to put pen to paper or paint on canvas and conjure up a world of sensory delight. If my art lies anywhere, it is probably in words. When it comes to colour, the theory isn’t in my head – at least no further than that half completed colour […]

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#ThisGirlCan #LikeAGirl

On being found wanting. #InternationalWomensDay

Today is International Women’s Day and as it stands, in some areas of social media it will provide a focus for 2 campaigns, #ThisGirlCan and #LikeAGirl, both aimed at empowering girls to be who they are and love it, unencumbered by stereotype , sexism, paradigm and oppression. And oppression comes in many forms – media […]

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Product & Event Reviews

Front Low Side Box and Remote 01

Review: Now TV

There is nothing quite like a family film to bring the Merrily family together. We get precious few evenings all in the house at the same time, so when we do, it’s lovely to just curl up under the large heap of crochet blankets we own and hunker down together with treats and great TV. […]


Review: Teen Parcels That Make Periods Better.

I’m a mum of 4 girls and 2 of them have now gone through that moment where a mum blogger suddenly realises that it is time to STOP.SHARING. You just can’t blog a period. You did teeth and potty training and the time they fell in the toy box and how they felt when a […]

Creative Writing


Creative: Tired.

The end of the day. Shouting stops, taxi service ends, the meals are eaten and the quiet purr of the dishwasher, punctuated by occasional sloshes, is the only noise left. Downstairs, the detritus of the day is strewn across the corridor, the kitchen perfunctorily cleaned, the door locked and the car remains a crumb filled […]

Even in the playground in a Sunday, it's still all

The Gallery – Talent.

Talent. They say it is everything. Some people have it. Some people don’t. I watch people who don’t have talent all the time. I watch people who have some talent all the time. I watch kids who sparkle. I watch kids who just ‘have it’. I watch kids who learn fast and kids who learn […]

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Book Reviews

My Reading Challenge for 2014.

You might remember I set myself a challenge to read 50 books this year along with a variety of other things I wanted to do to try and find myself a bit after the last few years. So far, I’ve read 13 books and I’m keeping a track on the Goodreads challenge widget. I’m keeping […]

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