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Project Grown Up; how to prepare them for leaving home.

Our eldest daughter is now heading into the delights of sixth form, which means in a very short time she will be leaving home. Watching her morph into young woman has been fascinating; really this phase of life is no different to the end of toddlerdom – at 4 you wonder how on earth they […]

Approx 1/10000 of the stuff required to leave the house each day. No wonder I'm grey.

Life Hacks: Tips for leaving the house with children.

In my early years of parenting I avoided one of the major sources of parent/child stress by home educating, thereby upping the quantity of pyjamas and sofa time in our house considerably. After a brief – and almost wholly miserable – stint at trying to get out to take people to playgroup, I concluded that […]

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The Gallery – Sky.

And when my heart has ceased to beat, And atoms loose and seek to meet You up above where dreams and tears Have mingled, crowded, waited years To be together, rest and be As one again before we flee. Over hill and under cloud, Through the rain, among the flowers, Sweep through grass and tumble […]


interactive display.

Exploring Cyber Security with McAfee

Our recent trip to Bletchley Park included a visit to the McAfee Cyber Security Exhibition, to explore the reality of online information sharing and child safety on the internet. It’s quite an interesting (and very clever!) partnership, the codebreakers of the past combining with the code protectors of the present and future. In addition to […]

Britax Versafix Stage 2

Britax Baby Car Seats : Thoughts on a 15 Year Love Affair

One of the nice bits of blogging in recent years is undoubtedly the opportunity to work with brands – and one of the responsibilities is to try and work with brands that mean something to you. I’ve learned that along the way, no doubt and had some great fun doing so. Some brands, mostly ones […]

Reviewing School Uniform… the blog may revolt!

In a complete fall from grace as a home educating blog, I took Asda up on an offer to review school uniform. Needs must, there’s a whole lot of uniform has been required over the last few months I went ot the kind of schools that had complicated uniforms bought from fusty suppliers with oaken […]

We are UNBORED: review of a great book.

When I was a kid I spent a fair bit of time staying at my Nana’s house. It was a place with a huge garden, workshops filled with those satisfying grandad style machines made of cast iron, the smell of oil, a bike to ride, swings, snooker tables and a kitchen ever ready to bake […]

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My Reading Challenge for 2014.

You might remember I set myself a challenge to read 50 books this year along with a variety of other things I wanted to do to try and find myself a bit after the last few years. So far, I’ve read 13 books and I’m keeping a track on the Goodreads challenge widget. I’m keeping […]

Temporarily Diverted By….

Christmas brought me some lovely gifts…. This year I’ve promised myself to learn 3D crochet properly and also start making small things for my home that aren’t blankets. This year will be the year of the homemaker The only possibly problem I can find with this is that after listening to a year of Terry […]

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